• Product Image

    Lite duty slim profile floor mounted.

    This sturdy rack is ideal for the broadcast industry, telecommunications applications, and much more.

  • Product Image

    Heavy duty dual mount with optional casters shown.

    This portable rack is perfect for monitors, video editors, tape machines, power supplies, and more.

  • 3000-Medium-Duty-Cabinet

    Medium duty cabinet with optional casters and power strip assembly shown.

    This line of cabinet enclosures are suitable for military and data communication applications. Available in a wide range of heights, depths and panel widths, the 3000 series cabinet can meet practically any packaging requirement.

  • Product Image - 6200 Cabinet

    Medium Duty Commercial Cabinet with optional plexiglas front door shown.

    This vesitile series is a modular cabinet designed and built to pass some of the most stringent commercial applications.

  • 7000-Series

    Heavy-duty cabinet with optional casters shown.

    These heavy duty cabinets are ideal for military and government contracted applications where security is crucial, but ease of accessibility is still required.

  • 7700-Series

    Seismic cabinet with optional casters and bus bar shown.

    Seismic cabinets are ideal wherever danger of earthquake, severe shock, or vibration warrant an extra heavy-duty enclosure. These cabinets are used in transportable military instrument shelters, on board ships and in nuclear power plants. 7700 Series cabinets are widely used commercially on off-shore oil rigs and communications vehicles.

  • Color Chart Image

    2 Available Color Charts to aid in Color selection. 

    RAL Color Chart 

    Fed Standard Color Chart

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