This slide will not fit offset leg mounting rails.
Unit of Measure


N/A C-230-S

Stationary Section

N/A Strap Mount

Slide Length - A

N/A 22.00 in

Forward Extension - B (min)

N/A 26.00 in

Forward Extension - B (max)

N/A 26.00 in

Chassis Length - D

N/A 16.00 in

Min. (E)

N/A 4.50 in

Max. (E)

N/A 4.50 in

Weight Capacity

N/A 130 lbs

Weight Capacity Notes

N/A Load capacity is based on one set of slides at full extension with load (center of gravity) centered between the slides and at midpoint of the slide (chassis section). Load capacities have a 100% (static load) safety factor at full extension. The slides will support more than the stated capacities but are not designed to be operated at capacities greater than those stated.

Spec Sheets

N/A Specification Sheet

Installation Sheet

N/A Installation Sheet

GDI Reference #

N/A CC2302-00-0220


  • Right hand and left hand slides are identical. Set contains 2 right hand slides.
  • Finish: All standard slides are coated with Poxylube® dry film lubricant.
  • All standard slides are designed to lock in the extended position.
  • Automatic release is available when lockout is not desirable.
  • Standard hardware packages include all hardware necessary to mount your Chassis Trak® slides:
    • #10-32 x 0.50 B.H.M.S.
    • #10-32 KEPS® nuts
  • All sliding members of this slide are made form cold rolled steel.
  • All Chassis Trak® solid bearing slides are supplied with a quick disconnect feature. This permits the entire chassis to be removed easily and replaced.
  • Optional mounting patterns, slide lengths and extensions are available.

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BSI ISO 9001-2008 FM 80298 RoHS Compliant Available

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